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Card #9

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 Peter-Spotting card #9


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a Lucasfilm Ltd production
directed by George Lucas
starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford,
Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness,
Peter Cushing


Luke Skywalker aligns himself with an
aged Jedi Knight on a quest to destroy
the Empire's
greatest weapon, the
planet-destroying Death Star...

George Lucas' sci-fi extravaganza
premiered on May 25th 1977.

And the rest is movie history!

All the Death Star interiors were filmed
on the sound stages at Elstree Studios.

Peter was the stunt co-ordinator on all
three films
in the original trilogy. He also
took on a number of uncredited walk-on
roles, like this one...

Peter spotted!

"Where are you taking this... thing?"

Look for Peter  just after 71mins. He's
a DEATH STAR TROOPER stationed on
Death Star Detention Block AA-23.
Luke and Han step out of their lift
disguised as Stormtroopers, with
Chewbacca acting as their prisoner.

"Look out, he's loose!"

When all hell breaks out, we see Peter's
trooper floored by a shot to the chest!

Did you know?

Peter's character wasn't named at the
time of filming. He only acquired his rank
and surname several years after the film
was released, as the Star Wars universe


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