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         Tusken Raider, Immortal, Zombie...
         The many guises of Peter Diamond....

 Peter-Spotting cards - Collect them all!

        Towards the later years of his career, Peter Diamond found his involvement in the original
        "Star Wars" trilogy, "Highlander", "Raiders Of The Lost Ark", "Dr Who" and "The Princess
        Bride" and a whole bunch of Hammer films leading him to conventions, events and and festivals
        around the world, where he would talk about his work and meet the many attendees, and he was
        both delighted and amazed to find characters he'd portrayed on screen reappearing as
        collectible action figures, statues and maquettes, trading cards and more.

        So here's a bit of frivolity we think he might have enjoyed. It's our very own non-commercial
        PETER-SPOTTING card game!

        Peter-Spotting: Follow the cards!

        You see, Peter actually took on all kinds of in-camera roles during his career. He originally
        trained at RADA before moving into stunt work, and was able to call upon his acting skills for a
        number of fully-fledged dramatic performances as well as all those action cameos. The IMDB
        currently credits him with 71 screen and  television appearances. But we know there are more. 
        In fact, PETER-SPOTTING has become something of a family hobby over the years. He's forever
        popping up on DVD and blu-ray releases, or tv repeats. Often, his face arrives on screen as
        a precursor to a fight scene, or a spectacular denouement. He also doubled for many star
        names, and sure enough, he'll be there, all made up, in the thick of the action. He can be a
        bugger to spot sometimes as he flits through frame, but that makes finding him all
        the more fun.

        As this site develops we'll highlight his appearances as a performer or stunt double, and
        we'll add a new trump card to this section, so you can look out for him too, and tick off
        your collection. Oh, and stay tuned for one-or-two "chase" cards joining the deck, in due

              Peter Diamond: Zombie card   Peter Diamond: Harry Bundage card     
Peter Diamond: Iman Fasil card

             Peter Diamond: Dam Busting Gunner card    Peter Diamond: Tusken Raider card   Peter Diamond: Garouf Lafoe card

              Peter Diamond: Saucy Sailor card    Peter Diamond: Raiding German Soldier card
   Peter Diamond: Corporal Prescott card

                  Peter Diamond: Mr Soames Orderly playing card     Peter Diamond: Lightman chase card
   Peter-Spotting: Arnold  Ernest Toht card

               Peter-Spotting: RAF Guard card  Peter-Spotting: Dragoon card Peter-Spotting: Butcher card

             Peter-Spotting: Piccadilly Policeman card   Peter-Spotting: Pluritanian Guard card
 Peter-Spotting: Number Two card

           Peter-Spotting: Security Guard   Peter-Spotting: Bernie Peter-Spotting: Stormtrooper (#1)

           Peter-Spotting: Crewman   Peter-Spotting: Bumbling Waiter  Peter-Spotting: Rat-Face

            Peter-Spotting: Spanish Pirate Peter-Spotting: Riled PolicemanPeter Diamond: Referee

             Peter Diamond: Delos   Peter Diamond: First CrewmanPeter Diamond: Stagehand

            Peter Diamond: Museum AttendantPeter Diamond: Ambulance AttendantPeter Diamond: Hired Thug

           Peter Diamond: Sneering Punter Pter Diamond: Evil GroundsmanPeter Diamond: Stormtrooper (#2)

              Peter Diamond: Shepherd     Peter Diamond: Proud Motorist  Peter Diamond: Fanatical Trainee

          Peter Diamond: 2nd Hazarnao  Peter Diamond: Chinese Henchman Peter Diamond: Peter Ustinov

           Peter Diamond: Escort   Peter Diamond: Doallyn Peter-Spotting: Davis

           Peter-Spotting: Nick Crandall  Peter-Spotting: Gangster Number OnePeter-Spotting: Junk Yard Man

           Peter-Spotting: Sir Basil's Corpse    Peter-Spotting: Professor Brigstocke  Peter-Spotting: Coachman

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