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      Chase Card #1

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 Peter-Spotting chase card #1

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      "I was dressed as a
       'Lightman'. I had over
       100 electric bulbs
       attached to my body
       and had to walk across
       set. The heat was
       unbearable and I
       always had the
       problem of tripping
       up over the many
       wires attached to
       me, as I could
       not see..."

              - Peter Diamond talking
                to T-Bone's Star Wars
                Universe / Dec 2000



a Lucasfilm production
directed by Richard Marquand
starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford,
and Carrie Fisher


Luke Skywalker leads a daring raid upon
the palace of nefarious crimelord Jabba
The Hutt to rescue Han Solo. Once
reunited, they join up with the Rebel
Alliance to stop the Empire's
construction of a new, all-powerful
Death Star...

Filming took place at Elstree Studios, with
additional location work at Yuma, Arizona
and Crescent City, California. FX work
was completed at San Rafael.

Once again, Peter was the stunt
co-ordinator. And he also stepped
into the shoes of several characters.
But this one was a little different...

Peter spotted!

You won't spy THE LIGHTMAN anywhere in
the Star Wars universe, because he never
made it to the finished film!

The character was all-set to appear in
Jabba's palace menagerie.

Lightman image

For the role, Peter was dressed in a racing
driver's jumpsuit rigged up with a mass of
lighbulbs and plugged into the electricity
supply. The suit and the glow of the bulbs
negated any need for make up, but made
it difficult for him to manouevre.

Alas, all that effort went unrewarded
because the character was cut from
the movie!


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