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      Card #20

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 Peter-Spotting card #20

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     "The carbon chamber
      stage, the position of
      the artists, the heat,
      the smoke, camera and
      crew positions etc.
      restricted the space
      and made the logistics
      of setting up stunts
      particularly difficult..."

                   -  Dr Ralph Morse



a Lucasfilm Ltd production
directed by Irvin Kershner
starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford,
Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams,
Frank Oz


In this superior galactic sequel to
"Star Wars: A New Hope", Luke
Skywalker and his rebel comrades
are hounded by Darth Vader and the
all-conquering Empire...

Filming commenced on location at the
Hardangerj°kulen glacier, near Finse in
Norway, before returning to the sound
stages at Elstree Studios in
Borehamwood, Herts.

The completed production premiered
May 21st 1980.

Peter was employed as the Stunt
Arranger on all three films in the
original trilogy. He also made a
number of iconic on-screen


Peter spotted!

Peter appears as a STORMTROOPER
in the carbon-freezing chamber,
within the Cloud City of Bespin.

The set was incredibly hot, and
rather dangerous. It was built on
stilts some twenty feet off the
ground and was swathed in smoke
and steam during filming. Space
was at a premium and the
performers could barely see
a thing inside that restrictive

And just to add to the pressure
cooker atmosphere, filming was
behind schedule at this point, so
the crew needed to get this
sequence in the bag, as soon
as possible!

"What if he doesn't survive?"

Look out for Peter at the 91.5 min
mark. Lord Vader concludes his
business with Boba Fett and
gives the signal to freeze Han Solo,
whereupon Chewbacca lashes out
and several Stormtroopers are
tossed off the stage.

We reckon Peter's in the mix there,
for sure. Certainly, we know he
choreographed the action, because
we've got photographic proof, like

on set with Peter Diamond, Harrison Ford, Peter Mayhew, Irvin Kershner and Billie Dee Williams

Isn't is great? - That's Irvin Kershner,
rehearsing the actors, with Peter standing
on the left of frame.

Other Stormtroopers in this memorable
sequence included stunt team
members Tony Smart, Reg Harding,
Colin Skeaping and Malcolm Weaver,
and actors Alan Flying and Ralph Morse.

Here they are, resting between takes. 
Peter is centre-left above Lobot
(John Hollis). Ralph Morse (quoted, left
of page) is standing on the right.

image detail from a photograph in the Kurtz-Joiner Archive


Did you know?

Han and Leia's famous "I love you"
   exchange wasn't in the original
   screenplay. Irvin Kershner and
   Harrison Ford concocted the
   dialogue on the morning of the
   shoot, whilst reconvening in the
   director's trailer...

Peter pops up in several different
   Stormtrooper suits, throughout
   the original "Star Wars" trilogy and
   we'll be identifying as many of his
   appearances as we can, as this web
   site grows...


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