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Card #6

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 Peter-Spotting card #6


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a Lucasfilm Ltd production
directed by George Lucas
starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford,
Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness,
Peter Cushing


This is our second card for A New Hope.

Peter was the stunt co-ordinator on all
three films
in the original trilogy. He also
took on a number of uncredited walk-on
roles, but this is the only one in which
he isn't fighting or performing a stunt!

Peter spotted!

"I don't like the look of this!"

Peter appears around 45mins in to the film
His character GAROUF LAFOE is standing
in profile in the cantina bar at Mos Eisley.
He's just witnessed Ben Kenobi using
a lightsabre to maim one of the patrons.

We then see him outside, snitching to
a Stormtrooper patrol, as C-3PO and
R2-D2 look on...

 A fabulous behind-the-scdenes photo, featuring Peter Diamond on the cantina set (Star Wars: A New Hope" copyright Lucasfilm Ltd/Disney)

Photo - Behind the scenes, in the Mos
Eisley Cantina, with Peter as Garouf Lafoe
(image copyright Lucasfilm Ltd/Disney)


Did you know?

Like his other New Hope performances,
Peter's character wasn't named at the time
time of filming. He only acquired this after
the film was released, and the Star Wars
universe expanded...


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