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Card #8

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 Peter-Spotting card #8


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     "Here we were doing
       about 25miles an hour.
       We couldn't go much
       faster. If it were going
       too fast, we would
       have gone right past
       the camera site.

       What we did was put
       a big white mark
       around a palm tree
       and you knew that
       immediately you saw
       that palm tree you
       had to go off the side
       of the truck. It was no
       good seeing it go and
       then going, because
       then you were past
       the shot.

       Fortunately, the
       sand was on an
       incline which took
       away most of the
       momentum of
       the fall..."

                - Peter in conversation
                   with Iain Lowson



a Lucasfilm Ltd production
directed by Steven Spielberg
Harrison Ford, Karen Allen,
Paul Freman, John Rhys-Davies


Tomb-raiding archaeologist Indiana
Jones is coerced into his greatest
adventure. The FBI need him to
recover the fabled Ark Of The
Covenant before Hitler and
the Nazis get their hands
upon it...

The film was produced at Elstree
Studios, with location work in France,
Tunisia, San Francisco and Hawaii.
It was budgeted at just $18m

Peter was the stunt arranger, working
on scenes at Elstree and in Tunisia.
As usual, he stepped on to screen
when required as a stunt double,
or performer...

Peter spotted!

Peter features in the famous truck
chase sequence, in which Indy
commandeers the vehicle carrying
the Ark Of The Covenant.

Peter is a GERMAN SOLDIER seen
first as he climbs onboard the truck
with his comrades, as the Ark is
loaded up...

Soon after, as the chase hots up,
we see him aknowledging a command
before he climbs out on to the side
of the moving vehicle and
approaches the cab...

Indiana does a double-take as he
spies him in his wing mirror, raising
his weapon...

Seconds later, Peter is the one
doing the double-take as a palm
tree sweeps him off the
truck  - Ouch!


Did you know?

The production filmed in the canyon
   of Sidi Bouhlel, just outside of Tozeur
   in Tunisia. This ws the same location
   used to film R2-D2's capture by
   Jawas in Star Wars!


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