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Card #42

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 Peter-Spotting card #42

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       Chewbacca puts his dukes up for Peter Diamond (on the set of Return of the Jedi (Lucasfilm Ltd / Disney)

     Photo - Behind the scenes with
     Peter Diamond and Peter Mayhew,
     rehearsing in Jabba's Throne Room
     (copyright Lucasfilm Ltd/Disney)



a Lucasfilm production
directed by Richard Marquand
starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford,
and Carrie Fisher


Luke Skywalker and his Rebel friends
take on the might of the Empire once
more, as they race to destroy the
Emperor's new Death Star...

Peter Diamond was the stunt arranger
on all three films in the original trilogy,
and if you've read some of our previous
Peter-Spotting cards you'll know that
he also featured in a number of
iconic on-screen roles, as and
when required...

Peter spotted!

Here, we're identifying Peter's
brief appearance as a Skiff Guard
called DOALLYN.

We're in Jabba's throne room
at the 13.45mins mark, and the
creepy creatures are celebrating
Oola's demise at the hands of the
Rancor monster, when-


-a blaster goes off. Someone's
turned up unexpectedly. Who is
the new arrival? - Doallyn is
first up the steps...

Unfortunately, the new arrival
is Princess Leia, disguised as
the bounty hunter Boushh.
And she's got Chewbacca with
her, pretending to have been

Doallyn is no match for the Wookie.
He's cast roughly aside, down the
steps and into the wall as our heroes
enter the throne room to engage with
Jabba the Hutt...

Did you know?

Peter's character didn't have
   a name during filming. The call
   sheets only identify him as a
   generic Skiff Guard...

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