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Card #5

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Peter-Spotting card #5


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     "I'm the only stuntman
       in Tunisia, there were
       no others there. So I
       said I'd better play the
       Tusken Raider, because
       I'd rehearsed Mark, he
       had confidence in me,
       he knew I wasn't going
       to hurt him..."

                   - Peter in conversation
                      with Iain Lowson



a Lucasfilm Ltd production
directed by George Lucas
starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford,
Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness,
Peter Cushing


Luke Skywalker takes up the mantel of
destiny to battle Grand Moff Tarkin
and destroy his malevolent
Death Star...

The rest is movie history!

Budgeted at a mere  $11m, production
commenced in the Tunisian desert on
March 22, 1976. The crew then moved
to the UK's Elstree Studios in Borehamwood.

Peter was the film's stunt co-ordinator
and he was, in fact, the only stunt person
present on the Tunisian shoot.

Though he donned several different
costumes during filming, Peter's
performance as the Tusken Raider
is the best known of the bunch. The
character has gained a somewhat iconic
status amongst fans...

Peter spotted!

In this brief but memorable scene, Peter
plays the TUSKEN RAIDER who attacks Luke
Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in the Jundland
Wastes of Tatooine.

"They're Sand People alright,
  I can see one of them now!"

Luke is distracted, viewing Banthas through
his binoculars when the character strikes.
He knocks Luke to the ground and shakes
his stick triumphantly above him!

Did you know?

That famous shaking of the gaderffii stick
   was actually cooked up in post-production.
   Peter had only held his stick aloft once on
   the day, but editors Paul Hirsch and Richard
   Chew looped the action three times to
   make the victory salute...

At the time, Peter was simply playing
   a Tusken Raider. The character name
URoRRuR'R'R was a later addition,
   attatched as the Star Wars universe


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