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BBC / 60 min episode
directed by Peter Sasdy
starring Edward Judd, Mike Pratt,
Wendy Gifford,
Michael Danvers-Walker

This well-regarded science-fiction
anthology series was created by
Irene Shubik
. It ran for four series
on BBC2, from 1965 to 1971.

twenty-nine of the forty-nine
episodes are currently missing
, having
been wiped by the BBC, in the 1970's.

Time in Advance is one of the lucky
survivors. The story was adapted by
Paul Erickson, from William Tenn's
1956 novella.
It was broadcast as
episode five of series one, and it
first aired on 1st November 1965.

In the future, would-be criminals can
be identified in advance of their crime.  
If they admit their intent, their sentence
is halved. But Nick Crandall and Otto
(Edward Judd and Mike Pratt),
have found a flaw in this ingenious
scheme which will give them a
license to kill...

This episode was directed by Peter
Sasdy, known principally for his work
with Hammer Films.

Sci-fi fans will also note that Mike Pratt
went on to star in cult favourite
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)

Peter Diamond was hired to take part
in a climactic stunt. He filmed his scene
on 20th August 1965, at Television
Centre, and his BBC
contract carries
the following note:

"stunt of wearing ignited
  costume as required"


Peter spotted!
Peter makes a super-quick appearance,
doubling for Nick Crandall at the end
of the episode.

Nick has just had the tables turned
on him by Otto.

"There's no more choice for you,
  and none for me!"

Otto fires his weapon, and Nick/Peter
gets zapped!

Nick/Peter goes to ground, midst flames
and smoke. And we angle on his body,
still burning, on the floor...

Out of the Unknown: Time in Advance (BBC)

This was typical of the sort of stunt
work Peter took part in throughout his
career. He was hired for a day's filming
- doubling for another actor - in, out
and off to the next job. No fuss, no bother,
and - as is the case here - no end credit!

Did you know?

Peter Diamond worked with Peter Sasdy
on several film and TV productions...

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Presents (1967)
Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)
Welcome to Blood City (1977)
The Return of the Saint (1978)
1990 (1978)
Witchcraft (1992)

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