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BBC / 60 min episode
directed by Naomi Capon
Clive Endersby, John Meilon,
David Knight, Bill Nagy


Created by Irene Shubik, this science-
fiction anthology ran for four series on
BBC2, from 1965 to 1971.

Sucker Bait was adapted by Meade
Roberts from the novella by Isaac Asimov.
It was originally serialized in Astounding
Science Fiction
, Feb-March 1954.

A starship is sent to investigate the
deaths of a group of colonists on a
distant planet. On board is a young
Mnemonic, a man-child specially reared
to absorb and store facts and details,
like a human computer. Tensions spill
over as the ship's scientists wrestle
with the mystery at hand, and when they
dismiss the Mnemonic's conclusions
he is compelled to act...

This story was broadcast as episode
seven of series one, and it first aired
on 19th November 1965.

Viewers will notice Pink Panther star
Burt Kwouk, appearing in a minor role.

Peter was the fight arranger for this
episode. And he receieved an end credit
for this and for his acting role.

Peter's contract requests his attendance
for rehearsals 25th, 27th-29th Sept 1965
at Drill Hall, Pound Lane, Willesden, London
NW10. Recording took place at Television
Centre on 30th September 1965.


Peter spotted!

Peter is credited as the FIRST CREWMAN.
He makes three notable appearances
in the course of the episode.

3mins15s - We see him glowering
behind the lab door at our young
Mnemonic (Clive Endersby), and
urging him to clear off.

21mins10s - The glower's still there,
as Peter stalks the ship's corridors
with a companion...

"Hear anything?"
"No. Nothing."
"What the devil are they
  keeping from us? - It's
  something, I bet on it!"

23mins50s - Oh, boy. Peter's pent up
and overwhelmed and he stalks into
the mess room..

"It's the air outside!"
"Yeah, I think so too!"
"That's why they're keeping us
  trapped in here!"
"Shut up will ya, you're breaking
  my concentration!"
"Who are you to tell me to shut up?"
"I'm telling you, sport, now
  move on - okay?"

That's Peter's cue to take a swing at
him, and they brawl!

The fight ranges around the mess
room, as the other crewmen urge
them on. Finally, Peter gets his man
on the ground, and we leave them,
with Peter holding the guy prone
by the hair and bashing his head
repeatedly against the floor!

Did you know?

 Only twenty episodes of this series
   survive in their entirety. Thankfully 
   Sucker Bait is one of  them!

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