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BBC / 25 min episode
directed by Derek Martinus
starring Patrick Troughton, Deborah
Watling, Frazer Hines and Peter


This six-part story focuses upon the
first ever appearance of the Ice Warriors
- a famous foe for the Doctor. The set-
up takes it's cue from the 1938 novella
Who Goes There?, by John W Campbell Jnr
later filmed as The Thing From Another

Here's the storyline:

The Second Doctor and his companions
arrive on a future Earth gripped by a
new ice age. They meet a team of scientists
who have been using an ioniser device in
an attemp to halt the advance of a glacier.
But exposed nearby is Varga a fearsome
frozen Ice Warrior. Once he's thawed,
this warmongerer wreaks havoc as he
attempts to release the rest of his
warriors and his spaceship from the
glacier and conquer the world...

Varga is played by Carry On star
Bernard Bresslaw.

Sadly, episodes two and three are
missing from the BBC vault.

Peter's contract requests his
attendance at Ealing Studios, Stage
Two, on 26th + 27th September 1967.
And there are two additional notes
which sum up his contribution quite

"Davis, and to take part in stunt
  as required."

"To fall into 6ft pit."

The completed episode was first
broadcast on 11th November 1967

Peter spotted!

So, Peter plays a chap called DAVIS.
He's first seen 4mins in to the episode,
as Leader Clent (Peter Barkworth)
attempts to contact Scientist Arden
(George Waring) at the base of the

"Get your drill ready, Davis!"

Davis tests his handheld drill. But
he's interrupted as they discover
something frozen in the ice. Could
it be a mastodon, or perhaps a man?

"Davis, the heavy drill!"
"Yes, Sir!"

Base is still attempting to summon
them home, but the reception's
poor, and Arden wants to excavate,

"Come on, Davis. Hurry, man!"

We return to the trio at the 13mins
mark. And now, the ice figure is
revealed. It's an impressive
discovery. Getting it back to
base won't be easy...

"Davis, try bringing the air
  sled a little closer, will you?"

Davis is struggling in the worsening
conditions. He doesn't know it, but he's
being watched by Storr and Penley
(Angus Lennie and Peter Sallis).
These two rogue scientists are also
intrigued by the excavation...

Anywho, Davis rounds a rock face.
He takes off his goggles to gawp at
a great wedge of snow sheering
above him...


..Penley cries a warning. But it's too
late as Davis is swept off the mountain
by a torrent of ice and snow!

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