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Episode 16 - ONCE UPON A TIME

ATV/Everyman Films / 50min episode
directed by Patrick McGoohan
starring Patrick McGoohan, Leo Mckern
Angelo Muscat


This was the penultimate episode in the classic
cult series, in which Number Six (McGoohan)
is confronted by Number Two (McKern) and
subjected to an intense psychological "duel",
in order to break him down.

The bombardment is relentless, and it takes
Two and Six through "The Seven Ages of Man"
recasting the duo over and over again in
their roles as Tormentor and Subordinate.

Peter was contracted for two days work,
doubling for Leo McKern in the fencing
and boxing scenes. These were filmed on
8th December and 13th December 1966.

The episode was eventually broadcast
on ITV, on 25th January 1968.


Peter spotted!

"Pop goes the weasel!"

Look for Peter's two brief appearances
25mins in to the episode as we cut to a
boxing scene, with Number Six playing the
boxer and NUMBER TWO taking on the role
of his trainer

"I'll kill you, boy!"

That's Peter, doubling for Leo and taking
that round of facial blows.

"That's my boy!"

And then we cut to a fencing duel, and it's
Peter again, in blue, wielding Leo's blade
in the duel...


Did you know?

 The working title of this episode was
   "Degree Absolute". It was changed at a
   later date...

 It's said the scenes between the two main
   actors were so intense that Leo McKern
   suffered a nervous breakdown during

 Peter actually worked on three episodes
   of "The Prisoner". We're hoping to pin
   down all the details, in time, so stay

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