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Canal+ / Telemen Ltd / 50min episode
directed by Sidney Hayers
starring Patrick MacNee,
Diana Rigg,
Michael Gough, Frederick Jaeger


This famous episode hails from the fourth
series of this classic show.

Various industrial boffins are being bumped
off by a cunning karate expert. Or so it's
thought. But Steed and Mrs Peel soon
unmask a deadly robot culprit...

The stunt arranger was Ray Austin.
Peter was hired for one day's work, with
the filming taking place at ABPC
Elstree Studios on 10th March 1965.

The episode premiered on ITV
on 14th October 1965.

Alas, Peter's appearance wasn't credited


Peter spotted!

Peter Diamond in "The Avengers: The Cybernauts"  (image: Canal+)

"'Ere, you!"

Look for Peter's appearances 4.5mins in to
the episode. He's the SECURITY GUARD
on the phone at the desk of Industrial

"Where d'you think you're going?"

As the swathy figure strolls on past his desk,
Peter throws away his phone and gives chase.
But the figure is actually a Cybernaut. It pumps
a fist , and sends Peter tumbling down the


Did you know?

This was the very first "Avengers" episode
    to be broadcast in the USA...

It spawned two later sequels, "Return of
   the Cybernauts" and "The Last of the


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