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ATV / half-hour episode
directed by Alan Tarrant
starring Sid James, Barbara Windsor,
Joan Sims, Jack Douglas


This was the CARRY ON team's attempt
to transfer their long-running cinema
comedy franchise to television in an
on-going series.

"The Prisoner Of Spenda" was the first
episode in the series, and was
a play on the
famous story of "The Prisoner Of Zenda".
In this CARRY ON version, hapless tourist
Arnold Basket gets mistaken for the Crown
Prince of Pluritania. Sid James plays both
characters, and engages in lots of
swordplay. It was broadcast on ITV,
4th January 1975.


Peter spotted!

"Hello, hello, what have we here?"

Peter appears as a PLURITANIAN GUARD
accompanying Count Yerackers (Peter
Butterworth). He makes his first appearance
18mins into the episode.

As the Count waylays Vera (Barbara Windsor),
the guards are desptached to look for
Prince Rupert, whom they soon spy...

"The Crown Prince!"

That's Peter exclaiming in the next scene,
but he's got the wrong guy. It's Arthur Basket
not the Prince!

Our guards give chase, only to find the real
Crown Prince (Sid James again) appearing
behind them. Now they duel, and they drive
the fellow out of the room...

Did you know?

 The CARRY ONs are famously associated
   with Pinewood Studios, but this series
   was actually shot at Elstree Studios,
   in Borehamwood.

 This episode was shot on Stage D, and
    it took just two days to film.

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