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Rank Organisation
directed by Robert Asher
starring Norman Wisdom, June Laverick,
Jerry Desmonde, Hattie Jacques


Norman Truscott is a lowly worker in a
dry cleaners whose dreams of singing
stardom are stolen from him by a fading

The plot may be familiar (see Singin' in
the Rain), but who cares, because comic
genius Norman Wisdom excels in the
lead role, as he conquers his own fears,
and the heart of his truelove, en route
to stardom.

Follow a star is often cited for its
fantastic hypnotism scene, in which our
stage-frightened hero regresses back to
his childhood. Norman also croons his
heart out via a plethora of stage songs.

Though the production was based at
Pinweood Studios, the musical mirth reaches
its climax on stage, at the real-life London
Palladium. And that's where Peter enters
the film...


Peter spotted!

"I'll sing you a song, a song
that is meant sincerely!"

Peter plays an agitated STAGEHAND.

Norman is on stage at the Palladium,
singing his heart out to a full house,
when he's dropped unceremoniously
down a trapdoor by the folks off stage.

As he emerges, still attempting to sing,
they start up the revolving stage...

..And there's Peter, gurning and
gesticulating with a colleague as
Norman rotates towards the wings.

Norman tries to flee, but he's running
counter to the revolving stage. And
so too are Peter and two of his

Peter Diamond gives chase in "Follow a Star" (Rank)

That's our cue for a fabulous wide shot
of the stage, with the four of them
"running" in a line, but getting nowhere
fast, until the revolutions get the better
of them and they're swept away behind
the stage curtains!

Peter celebrates with the cast in "Follow a Star" (Rank)

There's no hard feelings, though,
because Norman soon redeems himself
and brings the house down, and Peter
returns to congratulate the fellow
with the rest of the cast and crew!


Did you know?

Peter had worked with Norman
   Wisdom before, on Trouble in

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