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(Arrested in a Night Club)

Picture Partnership Prods / 50min episode
directed by Ferdinand Fairfax
starring Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie


Adapted from the "Jeeves" stories by
PG Wodehouse, this acclaimed series
follows the exploits of a young gentleman
about town, Bertie Wooster, and his
well-informed valet, Jeeves...

The series was a break-out hit for
the double act of Stephen Fry (Jeeves)
and Hugh Laurie (Bertie Wooster),
following the successful run of their
TV sketch show "A Bit of Fry
and Laurie".

23 episodes were produced, in total,
running to four series.

This particular episode is episode four of
the fourth series, and is adapted from
the story "Jeeves and the Feudal
It was first broadcast on
6th June 1993.

Peter was the stunt arranger on this
episode, and he also undertook a
speaking role...


Peter spotted!

Peter appears 13.5mins in to the episode.
Bertie (Hugh Laurie) is in The Mottled
Oyster with Lady Florence Craye
(Francesca Folan). And Peter plays
a POLICEMAN, one of a number raiding
the club...

"Oi, you!"

Lady Florence makes a dash for the exit,
only to be pursued by Peter. So helpful
Bertie sticks his leg out to trip the
officer, mid-flight...

"Right, you're nicked!"

Angry Peter reaches for his notebook,
whereupon we jump to the following
Court Case. And here's Bertie in the
dock, beside Peter:

Peter Diamond alongside Hugh Laurie in "Jeeves & Wooster" (Picture Partnership Prods)

Bertie gets the room guffawing, and
the Judge offers him clemency in the
form of a fine. Stern-faced Peter
then leads Bertie away!...


Did you know?

Fans of the series identify this episode
   as being the one in which both title
   characters get to dress in drag!

This episode was directed by Ferdie
   Fairfax, whom Peter had previously
   worked with on the film "Savage
   Islands" (see Card #21)

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