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Independent Artists / 50min episode
directed by Charles Crichton
starring Herbert Lom, Bernerd Lee,
Dudley Sutton


Herbert Lom plays gifted psychiatrist
Dr Roger Corder who guides the lost
minds of his patients through the
human jungle...

The series is remembered for its
sharp psychiatric procedure, its
raft of famous guest stars, and
John Barry's sm-o-o-o-th theme

Two seasons were produced, in total,
totting up 26 episodes.

"Ring of Hate" is the tenth episode
of the second series, filmed at Elstree.
It focuses on prizefighter Leigh Garner
(Dudley Sutton), who has begun to
lose his nerve in the ring. Dr
Corder soon unearths all sorts
of paternal issues.

This episode was directed by
Charles Crichton, of Ealing film fame,
and it premiered on 20th March
1965. Peter arranged the sparring
that features throughout the
episode, and he stepped into
the ring as well...

Peter spotted!

"Here we are ringside for the
Light Heavyweight Championship
of Great Britain!"

You'll spy Peter at the 38mins
mark, as the the Big Fight commences.
He's the REFEREE taking charge
of the match, and he's ever-present
as we progress through the rounds.

He's there all the way, until Garner
floors his opponent, counting him
down, only to see him saved by the

Peter Diamond with Dudley Sutton in "The Human Jungle" (Independent Artists / ABC Television)

Oh, but here's a sting in the tail.
Peter takes a good hard look at our
battered hero and decides that
enough is enough!

Garner's lost the fight, but - hey! -
he's won the battle with his
watching father (Bernard Lee).
So everyone can walk away


Did you know?

Peter worked with Charles Crichton
   again, fifteen years later, when
   made LWT's "Dick Turpin" series!

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