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a Compton Production
written & directed by Gerry O'Hara
starring Ian McShane, Francesca Annis,
Klaus Kinski, Mark Eden


"Where the city lights are brightest,
  you'll find the Pleasure Girls!"

A swinging snapshot of London life in
the 60's, "The Pleasure Girls" follows
the travails of new girl around town
Sally (Francesca Annis), who harbors
dreams of a modelling career. But the
world she encounters is somewhat
shadier than she imagined...

Peter arranged the stunts on the film,
and he's also credited for his on-screen


Peter spotted!

Peter Diamond in "The Pleasure Girls" (image: BFI) / Compton Productions)

Peter plays a thug called RAT-FACE,
and he's one of the gang who confronts
Nikko Stalmar (Klaus kinski) in the
undeground car park, 72mins into
the film...

"We're here on behalf of
your tenants!"

There's a bit of banter, at first,
setting the scene. And Rat-Face
gets in on the act too:

"What's all the talk? - We've got
'im, an' he's not gonna lip his way
out of it!"

Then Nikko flees, with the gang in
hot pursuit. He kicks a jack in to
their path and ducks beneath a car.
But Rat-Face spies his hand creeping
out, and he stamps on it!

"I've got 'im!"

Now the three can rough him up good!

As they're doing this, Dee (Suzanna
Leigh) arrives up top, at the garage...

When we return, the gang have Nikko
pinned against a van and Rat-Face
rips off the guy's shirt...

"Pity about this. Still, I expect
you've got another one!"

Rat-Face is now sent out front
to make sure they're safe, where
he spies Dee in the garage!

Peter Diamond in "The Pleasure Girls" (image: BFI) / Compton Productions)

Rat-Face rushes back...

"We better get out of 'ere!
Some girl's found the pump
man - 'think she's called
the cops!"

And that's their cue to flee!


Did you know?

Rat-Face may have had a speaking
   role, but that doesn't sound like Peter's
coming out of his mouth. We
   reckon it's been dubbed!

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