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directed by Guus Verstraete
starring André van Duin, Corry can Gorp,
Frans van Dusschoten


A starring vehicle for comedian André
van Duin, this Dutch film follows his
exploits as the down-on-his-heels
piano tuner Joep Meloen.

Joep can't sell his concerto music and
can't pay his rent. Now his childhood
sweetheart is about to marry someone
else, and he can't even arrange his own
assassination properly. There's nothing
left to do but take his own life. But by
chance he encounters another would-be
suicider who rekindles his passion for life
and together they attempt to break out for
stardom as a singer and songwriter.
The only trouble is, the gangsters
Joep originally hired are still
after him...

"Ik Ben Joep Meloen"was a big hit in
Holland and Belgium. And the rumpa-
pumping theme song was released
as a single.

What's more if you look down the credits,
you'll see that infamous Dutch director
Paul Verhoeven supervised the editing!

Filming took place in Holland. The stunt
co-ordinator was Dicky Beer, and Alf Joint
was the fight arranger. Dicky, Marc Boyle,
and our own Peter Diamond are credited
for their stunts. And Peter got a great
star turn in front of the camera...


Peter spotted!

Peter plays a BUMBLING WAITER.
Look for his main appearance 88mins
into the film, as we
reach the climax
in the nightclub.

As chaos breaks out, mad-haired Peter
inadvertently sprays tonic water on the
chest of a guest... She shoves him...
and he stumbles into the gunman, spraying
him too... Now the gunman levels at Peter,
who backs away, arms raised...

Meanwhile, the film's hero has also
inadvertently fondled the same blonde
guest... She grabs a bottle... But ends
up cracking it over Peter's head!

Peter Diamond gets smashed in "Ik Ben Joep Meloen"

Peter stumbles back into the arms
of the gunman, who batters him away.
As other folks now wrestle with the
bad guy, Peter grabs a chair... But he
wallops the wrong person too!

We go back to our hero, bumbling past
the tables... And when we return, Peter
gets thumped by the gunman.. The guy's
going for his gun again.. But Peter's
grabbed a big vase of flowers and -
KER-ASH! - he slams it over the
chap's head... As the gunman collapses
in a heap, Peter strikes a victorious

"Ik Ben Joep Meloen" may be a small
film on Peter's extensive list of famous
film credits, but this is a super, farcical

Peter Diamond dodges the car in "Ik Ben Joep Meloen"

Oh, and you can also see Peter again,
a minute-or-two later. He's ducking and
dodging as the film's hero drives wildly
around the club in an out-of-control

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