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Compton Tekli Film Productions
& Sir Nigel Films Ltd
directed by James Hill
starring John Neville, Donald Houston,
John Fraser and Anthony Quayle


In this original story, John Neville dons the
famous deerstalker of Sherlock Holmes,
pursuing Jack the Ripper through the
Whitechapel streets...

The production was filmed at Shepperton
Studios, with additional location work at
Osterley House in Middlesex.

Peter was the film's stunt arranger,
though he didn't receive a screen credit
for this, or for his walk-on role.


Peter spotted!

Peter staggers in to the film on the 47min
mark. He's playing one of the SAUCY
SAILORS, trying it on with Liz Stride (Norma
Foster). And they share a bit of banter with
her too:

"Cor! - Sailor's Rest!"
"We've walked a mile for that!"
"Workin' up an appetite!"

"All the girls are indoors - scared to come
  out, they are!"
"They must 'ave known we woz in port!"

"Don't you worry, 'cos Jack an' me, we're
  gonna look after you, aren't we Jack?"
"'Ere! - Don't fight over it lads!"

But their fun is cut short by a frowning
Copper who sends them swiftly on
their way...

Poor Liz isn't quite so fortunate. She's
killed by the Ripper in the very next scene!


Did you know?

Peter crossed paths with Sherlock Holmes
several times in his career...

A Study In Terror (1965)
• Sherlock Holmes (1965 TV series)
• The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes'
   Smarter Brother (1975)
• The Seven Per Cent Solution (1976)

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