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       Peter Diamond gets pistol-whipped in "Crossroads to Crime" (Anglo-Amalgamated / AP Films / Canal Plus)



Anglo-Amalgamated / AP Films
directed by Gerry Anderson
starring Anthony Oliver, Ferdy Mayne,
George Murcell and Miriam Karlin


PC Don Ross ensnares a gang of
lorry hijackers operating out of a
local transport cafe...

This B-movie curio was directed by
TV puppet maestro Gerry Anderson.
It was filmed on the cheap, inbetween
Four Feather Falls and Supercar and
a number of Gerry's Supermarionated
friends and colleagues are on the
crew sheet, including George Murcell,
David Graham, David Elliott, Sylvia
Anderson and Barry Gray.

The film was based upon a crime
story by Edgar Wallace, and a few
years after its premiere its original
titles were replaced with generic ones
pertaining to the Edgar Wallace

..But we dion't care too much about
that, because Peter's name is on
both sets of end credits!

Peter spotted!

Peter is identified as a SECURITY
ESCORT, who's suckered in by one
of the oldest tricks in the Big Book
of Crime.

He makes his first appearance
at 38mins, as a soon-to-be
hijacked Thamesbrook lorry is
readied for departure. He checks
the strapping on its trailer, then
climbs into the cab alongside
Len (Victor Maddern)...

We return to that truck, a minute
later. The crooks are waiting for it
on a backwater road. Johnny
(David Graham) flags it down...

"Quick! - There's been an accident!"

Oh, Peter! - It really is the oldest
ruse. But he takes the bait, and
follows the man around the

Only to get walloped by his pal
Diamond (George Murcell)!

The duo drag Peter into the woods,
But, what's this? - He's stirring again.
Diamond is enraged:

"Take it easy, Diamond!"

But there's no stopping him as he
gives our Peter another pistol-whipping,
for good measure!

This time he stays down, and the
crooks can continue with their
hijacking, unhindered...


Did you know?

Peter worked with Gerry Anderson
   again, ten years later, on UFO

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