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Henson Associates / ITC
directed by Jim Henson
starring Jim Henson, Frank Oz,
Dave Goelz, and Jerry Nelson


In this, the second Muppet movie
Kermit , Gonzo and Fozzie play
reporters who travel to the UK to
interview Miss Piggy and help
track down the thieves who
stole her jewels..

The film's stunt arranger was
Colin Skeaping.

Peter was only employed on the
film for a day, and his work went
uncredited. But he was involved
in a rather lovely little cameo


Peter spotted!

"Do you know where Lady Holiday's
  Baseball Diamond is being kept?"

Miss Piggy flags down a passing
truck in hope of information, and
a lift. And what do you know, there's
a famous face behind the wheel,
in the shape of Peter Ustinov.
He knows where the diamond is, but
he won't let the pig get in his cab.

"Couldn't you make an
 exception for little old moi?"

Alas, Mr Ustinov isn't particularly
forthcoming. In fact, he's downright
rude to the piggy. He turns her down
flat, which makes her mad. And we
all know what happens when
Miss Piggy gets riled...

"I've tried to be nice!"

Peter Diamond doubling for Peter Ustinov in "The Great Muppet Caper"

In a flash, Miss Piggy grabs our
famous film star and flings him out
of the cab, into a big pile of rubbish
on the side of the road!

As the dazed actor picks himself
up, an equally famous green
puppet pops up from a trash can.
It's Oscar the Grouch.

"What are you doing here?"
"A very brief cameo!"
"Me, too!"

It's a super scene, in a super film.
And guess who's doubling for
Mr Ustinov as he takes that tumble?
Yes, it's our Peter. There's some
clever cutting going on, either
side of the stunt, to hide him from
the audience. But it's him getting
hurled. Honest.

Peter ustinov in the trash with Oscar the Grouch in "The Great Muppet Caper"

Did you know?

Jim Henson's All-American puppets
   resided in the UK for real, back then.
    The Muppet Show was filmed at
   ATV Elstree, and the first Muppet
   films produced and staged just over
   the road at Elstree Studios. Jim
   made his home in Hampstead in
   the mid-70's and his company
   and Creature Workshop soon
   followed. You'll even find a
   bench dedicated to the muppet
   meister on Hampstead Heath.

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