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directed by Michael Anderson
starring Michael Redgrave, Richard Todd,
and Basil Sydney


The inspiring true story of the Bouncing
Bomb, and then men chosen to deliver it
to the enemy during World War II...

No stunt work here for Peter. Instead he
has a small non-speaking role in this
classic British film, produced at
ABPC Elstree Studios.

Peter spotted!

Peter plays a GUNNER, who's seen fleetingly
in several scenes at the airbase, as the
men prepare for their mission.

"The second wave should be coming
 up to the Dutch coast now"

But his bigger appearance occurrs 88mins
into the film, as the second wave of bombers
approach the Dutch coast. As we cut to the
cockpit, we see him on the left of frame,
focused on the daunting task ahead...

Alas, within a minute of donning their
flight masks, the trio are blown out
of the sky!

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