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ATV / 50 min episode
directed by Paul Bernard
starring Clinton Greyn, Veronica Strong,
John Carter, Noel Coleman, Alexander Doré


More red-coated romping here with
Clinton Greyn portraying Captain Robert
, an officer and gentleman spy for
the newly-formed British Secret Service.

Broad, arch, farcical and ambitious
ATV's "Virgin of the Secret Service"
never reallty caught the public
imagination, which is a shame, because
there's a lot of fun to be had as we
gallavant around the Empire with
our stiff upper hero...

As we've already mentioned (see #38)
Peter was hired and credited as the
Fight Arranger
for all thirteen episodes.
He also appeared on screen in a number
of dastardly roles.

This particular episode is episode two.
It premiered on ITV on 4th April 1968.

Britain's Entente Cordiale with France
is threatened by Captain Virgin's arch
nemesis, the evil Von Brauner (
who seeks to kill the Duke of


Peter spotted!
It's a non-speaking role and he
doesn't receive an additional
screen credit , but we've spied him
in a number of scenes, with a bunch
of his stunt friends, all of them
sporting fake wigs and lots of
Oriental make-up - so get that
pause button ready:

15m45s - He's one of the thugs
supplicated before Von Brauner...

18m30s - We reckon that's Peter
wrestling with Captain Virgin
on the stairs... and taking a
tumble into a colleague...
He's sparring throughout the
rest of the scene too...

27m30s - He's the thug on the
left, pushing the laundry basket,
and he's the one holding it open
as Cigarette (Katharine Schofield)
is subdued and placed within it.
Our heroes arrive and Peter's
the one lashing out at them as
he and his associates make their
escape in the lift...

34m15s - Now he's manhandlig
those girls, midst all that washing...

36m10s - And he's still there,
skulking behind the washing as
we move down the line-up of girls...

"I shall keep this one for
 my personal use!"

39m40s - Crikey, Peter's doing an
awful lot of manhandling again...

But here's Captain Virgin, come
to save the day. He releases the
washing lines upon the villains
and escapes with Cigarette
and the other girls - Hurrah!


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