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ITC / 50 min episode
directed by Peter Yates
starring Patrick McGoohan,
Paul Curran,
Geoffrey Keen, Lelia Goldoni


Patrick McGoohan is secret agent
John Drake, the erstwhile danger man,
covert defender of national and global

In his first series
(1960-1962), Drake
worked covertly for NATO. But he was
quietly moved to a new organization, M9
in London, for series two, three and four

This episode is identified as being
episode 80 or Series 3, episode 19.
It first aired on 10th March 1966.

A daring plot is afoot in a British
colony. A fanatical political party
is going to assassinate its own
candidate in order to discredit
the Brits. So M9 send in Drake
to protect the man and expose
the would-be perpetrators.

Peter has two contracts for this
particular episode.

Firstly, he was hired as the
double for Paul Curren
(Dr Shargis).
The contract ran for three days,

days, starting 29th December 1965.
Peter's doubling for Shargis in the
passenger seat of Drake's runaway
16mins in to the episode. Look
for him in the long shots and reverse
angles. There's really no mistaking
him on the right of the screen in
some of those interior shots!

As for Peter's second contract, well,
that was a bit more "in your face"


Peter spotted!

 "Dr Shargis, as always, you
  are an inspiration to our
  young men!"

Peter plays a rather fantatical
TRAINEE. He was contracted for
one day's work, on 3rd January

He first appears around 12.5mins
in to the episode. If you look closely,
you'll glimpse him sparring in the
background as Drake and Chargris
converse. Keep watching, anyway,
and we build to his big reveal at
the 13.5mins mark...

"You shall see the art of swift
  political retaliation against an
  enemy of my people!"

Dr Shargis makes his declarataion
and a revolving dummy is set in
Aldo checks his
watch... And now here's Peter,
ducking behind some packing
crates, with a knife in his hand.
He pulls a menacing sneer...

Peter Diamond in "Danger Man: Two Birds With One Bullet" (ITC)

And charges, screaming, at the camera!

At the last moment, we switch to
reveal him savagely attacking the
dummy. He stabs it two or three
times before rushing off and scaling
a gym obstacle in the background,
in double-quick time.

Aldo stops his watch. Peter's
ferocious assault has only taken
six seconds.

It's a brief scene, for sure, but
that screaming charge towards the
camera is quite unforgettable!

Did you know?

 Patrick McGoohan became
   The Prisoner, two years later,
   and Peter joined him in The
   Village (card #17)

Aldo is played by  Richard O'Sullivan
He went on to star as Dick Turpin,
   and Peter supervised all of the
   action on the first series.

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