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BBC / 30 min episode
directed by Alan J W Bell
Bill Owen, Peter Sallis,
Brian Wilde, Mike Grady


Roy Clarke's enduring BBC sitcom
centres on the exploits of a trio
of aged friends who refuse to retire

The pilot episode premiered as
part of the BBC's Comedy Playhouse
on 4th January 1973 and a series
commission soon followed. It went
on to become a record-breaker
because it ran for twenty-seven
years, racking up 31 series
- that's 295 episodes!

The line-up changed several
times over the years, but the
gentle northern humour was a
constant. So too were the wry
stunts and buffoonery as the
characters continued to get
up to all sorts of mischief
about town.

Oh, and that particular "town"
was Holmfirth in West Yorkshire,
which was the base for the series
throughout its lengthy run.

This episode is identified as being
episode 102 - Series 12, episode 11.
It was the Christmas Special and it
first aired on 27th December 1990.

It hails from the heydays of Compo,
Clegg and Foggy (Bill Owen, Peter
Sallis and Brian Wilde). The trio step
in to help when they find their young
pal Barry (Mike Grady) drunk in
his Santa suit.

Peter arranged and performed in this
one. He has a great drive-on role,
with a lovely payoff...


Peter spotted!

Peter plays a proud MOTORIST.
He's driving his new car across the
moor 21m40s in to the episode, and
he's tattling with his wife who's
played by Grace Mitchell.

"She goes well, she goes like a
  bird, she's a quality machine.
  We're going to look after
  this one!"

"We looked after the other one!"

"I know, but we're really going
  to look after this one!"

"Last of the Summer Wine: Barry's Christmas" (BBC)

"You were always washing it!"

"I liked washing it!"

"People say, what does your
 husband do, now he's retired?
 I tell them, he washes the car!"

"I'm going to wash this one too.
 As soon as we get home I'm
 going to give her a good wash
 and polish!

"Last of the Summer Wine: Barry's Christmas" (BBC)

That's when Compo, Clegg and
Foggy drive by in their hearse,
with Barry layed out cold in his
red suit.

Our Peter, distracted by the "dead"
Santa, drives straight through some
roadworks and upends his lovely
new car over a great pile of earth!

"Last of the Summer Wine: Barry's Christmas" (BBC)

Whereupon, Barry perks up:

"There's some terrible
  driving about this morning!"

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