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 Peter-Spotting card #33

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     "People say 'How do
       you remember what
       you've done?' All I
       can do is look at my
       tax returns! I mean,
       I did things as diverse
       as the big fight scene
       in the bar in Alfie,
       to three Star Wars

                - Peter talking to Wayne
                  Kinsey / "Hammer Films:
                  The Unsung Heroes"



Paramount Pictures
directed by Lewis Gilbert
starring Michael Caine, Shelley Winters,
Millicent Martin, Julia Foster


Michael Caine is Alfie, an unrepentant
ladies man who's about to discover the
consquences of his provocative,
laddish lifestyle...

This swinging 60's classic received
5 Oscar nominations. It was filmed
at locations around London, and at
Twickenham film studios.

Peter was the film's stunt arranger.
In particular, he was responsible for
staging the memorable, sprawling
bar fight. And he took part in it too!

Peter spotted!

"You're a bloody liar!"

"'Ere, watch the suit - it's just come
   back from the cleaners!"

Oh, goodness. It all kicks off when Frank
(Sydney Tafler) confronts Alfie in the bar.
He's not happy about Alfie having sloped
off with Annie (Jane Asher). Our Alfie
goes in to denial so - WALLOP!- Frank
punches Alfie on the jaw and pursues him
through the crowd.

Now Frank bumps into a big bruising
guy, and before you know it, he's being
thumped across the pub. Whereupon, the
band strikes up and the punters strike
out everywhichway!

There's all sorts going on, as the fighters
range around, but if you're watching closely,
you'll see that Peter plays a PENT-UP

Peter Diamond in "Alfie" (Paramount Pictures)

Mind you, he's not pent-up when we
first see him. He's the chap with the
flat cap, left of screen, reacting when
Frank lands amongst the crowd at
the beginning of the fight. And he
seems more concerned, than

Then we just about catch the tail end of
him leaping off the bar into the clutches
of another punter, as chaos reigns.

Oh! - Now the bruising guy is swinging
a chap round on his shoulders. He clouts
one bloke with the chap's feet, and then
it's Peter's turn to get walloped by
the chap's head.

Peter Diamond in "Alfie" (Paramount Pictures)

We get our best view of Peter just after
Alfie has pushed his way through the
melee. He's exchanging blows up close
to camera, and now he's properly pent-up.
He's also lost his cap in the scrum,
which makes him easier to identify!

Peter Diamond in "Alfie" (Paramount Pictures)

Finally, you'll spy Peter ducking in and
out of the bottom right of the screen as
we take in a wide shot of the fight.
We can see him tossing a bar stool
through frame, before his agressor
is floored by a falling light fitting!

And that same shot shows us that
this really is a BIG FIGHT, with loads
of folks lashing out all over the place.

Alfie's alright, though. He's managed
to duck out of it with nothing worse
than a black eye and a bruised ego!


Stunt tricks

 Keep your eye on Frank's suit, as
   the bruising guy lifts him off the
   ground you'll spy the wires
   assisting with his elevation!

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