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Card #32

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 Peter-Spotting card #32

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Rank Film Productions
directed by Ralph Thomas
starring Richard Johnson, Elke Sommer,
Sylva Koscina, Nigel Green


This 60's spy caper reinvents Bulldog
as a suave secret agent and
sends him on a mission to thwart a pair
of sexy assassins...

One of the better Bond spoofs, the film's
not afraid of taking things seriously
from time-to-time, and there are some
proper fisticuffs in amongst the bikinis
and the bombshells.

Director Ralph Thomas wanted the film
to act as a pilot for an on-going TV series.
Although that never materialised, it
still spawned a sequel in the shape
of Some Girls Do (1969)

Peter Diamond performed stunts on
both of these films, although his
work wasn't officially credited...

Peter spotted!

What is it about Peter and car parks?
This is the third time we've spotted him
spoiling for a fight underground.
(cards #3, #23 ).

Peter plays a Hired Thug, and his short
sharp appearance commences 33mins in
to the film.

Peter Diamond pursues Richard Johnson in "Deadlier Than The Male" (Rank Film Productions)

Here, he's in the passenger seat of
that silver car, pursuing Bulldog

Drummond rolls away as the car strikes
a concrete pillar. Then Peter steps out,
dressed in a gorilla suit and armed with
a knuckleduster...

Peter Diamond in "Deadlier Than The Male" (Rank Film Productions)

They square up. Peter swings and Bulldog
dodges. Our ace spy karate chops Peter.
They grapple, and Bulldog rolls and
tosses our man over his head...

Thunk! - Peter's knocked out cold upon
a conveniently-placed trolley!

And there he remains, whilst Bulldog
tackles the rest of the cronies who
have closed in on him!


Did you know?

 Richard Johnson had previously been
   earmarked to play James Bond by
   007 director Terence Young.

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