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ITP / 25 min episode
directed by Quentin Lawrence & Peter Maxwell
starring The Invisible Man, Deborah Watling,
Leigh Madison, Tim Turner, Lee Montague


When his stolen passport is used in a
drug-smuggling operation Peter Brady
- The Invisible Man - detemines to
clear his name and bring the felons to

ITP's 26 x 25min series was produced
a National Studios, Elstree, and was a big
hit with viewers. The star's invisibility
was brought to life via a clever mixture
of practical and optical effects, and a lot
of that wire work holds up magnificently
today, fifty-plus years after the series
was first broadcast.

Peter Diamond worked on 10 episodes
of the series. We're presuming he was
involved in a fair bit of the stunt driving,
which often featured Peter Brady's sports
car driving itself around town at a fair
speed (even with the undercranking).
He may also have donned the bandages
to double for our hero in peril.

This particular episode was first broadcast
on ITV, on 21st November 1959
, and
trivia hounds will note that it features the
actor Tim Turner, who voices Peter Brady,
acting on screen for real, as one of
the gangsters.

It also features Peter Diamond
in front of the camera...

Peter spotted!

But it's a con, because he's really one of
the drugs gang, in disguise!

Peter Diamond in "The Invisible Man" (ITP / Granada Ventures)

Look for him 21mins in to the episode.
He's the one in the white coat, in the
ambulance, as the driver spies
Peter Brady crossing the street. They
track their target, and as he steps out in
front of them they knock him down!

"You ought to be more careful,
driving an ambulance!"

The crowd aren't happy. But the ambulance
driver continues to check the body whilst
Peter fetches a stretcher, then they haul
their victim away...

Peter Diamond in "The Invisible Man" (ITP / Granada Ventures)

One quick sprint later and they're at
thieves' den.

"They're bringing him up!"

And now we get a good look at Peter,
in uniform, as he hauls the Invisible Man
into the room. They want to finish him off,
but not befoe getting their own good look
at the fellow beneath those bandages...

Peter Diamond in "The Invisible Man" (ITP / Granada Ventures)

Oh! - But it's not the Invisible Man at all.
It's a policeman pal who's been doubling
for the chap as our real hero raises a gun.

"Back against the wall - all of you!"

The bad guys - Peter included - raise
their hands and back away - caught!

Did you know?

 The Invisible Man himself was never
   credited in the series, which meant
   he could be portrayed by a variety of
   actors and doubles. And you can
   certainly see different folks behind
   those bandages from episode-to-
   episode, and even scene-to-scene!

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