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     "Peter was very
       good. I mean, he
       really could - in a
       few minutes - do
       the fights for you..."

              - William Russell
                The Romans / BBC DVD

      "I first met Peter
        Diamond in my Ealing
        Studio days, on a film
        called The Love Lottery,
        with David Niven, and
        he had a few lines as
        well, and I'd worked
        with him since then,
        on other things. And
        I thought that, for the
        amount he had to do
        in this, he'd get away
        with it!..."

                - Christopher Barry
                  The Romans / BBC DVD

         Peter Diamond as "Delos" in "Doctor Who: The Romans" (BBC  Worldwide)



BBC / 4 x 25min episodes
directed by Christophr Barry
starring William Hartnell,
William Russell, Derek Francis


The First Doctor (William Hartnell) leads
his companions on a well-earned holiday
back in time, to Rome, in the year 64ad...

This was the first story to be written
by the show's then-new story editor Dennis
Spooner. It focuses upon a more comedic
kind of adventure for our time-travelling

Peter was employed as the fight arranger
on the story. And he took on a significant
on-screen role in episodes two, three
and four.

Below is his attendance schedule, as
identified on his BBC contract.
Rehearsals took place at
Transport Assembly Room, Wood
Lane, W12
. Recording then took
place at Studio 1, Riverside.

Episode Two

rehearsals - 28th, 29th/31st Dec 1964
recording - 1st January 1965

Episode Three

rehearsals - 4th, 5th/7th Jan 1965
recording - 8th January 1965

Episode Four

rehearsals - 11th, 12th/14th Jan 1965
recording - 15th January 1965

"The Romans" was subsequently
broadcast on BBC1, 15th January -
6th February 1965.

Peter spotted!

"In! - Out!"

Peter plays a slave called DELOS, and
we first meet him enslaved on a galley,
next to Ian (William Russell), about
5.5mins into the second episode.
They've been chained up for five
whole days, apparently...

"Days!... Days that melt into weeks..
then months... then years!"

The two are bonded by servitude,
and they're seen together throughout
the rest of the story, as we intercut
their adventures with those of the
Doctor, Vicki and Barbara.

It's actually a very meaty role, with
lots of dialogue and a big fight. In the
course of the three episodes Delos
and Ian get shipwrecked together...

"Our ship was smashed to pieces,
and you were struck by some falling
timber... "

They get rid of their shackles and
head to Rome together...

"Luck's been with us so far.
Who's to say it won't hold?"

Um. The Romans, that's who.
Our duo are swiftly snared. They
muse over their predicament in gaol
before being thrust into the ring as

"I'm going to fight you, Ian!"

Delos promises Ian, if he wins, he'll
make it quick. But the subsequent duel
takes a twist as our two heroes turn
upon the Romans and flee.

They subsequently infiltrate the
ranks of the centurions and go on
to free Barbara, before going
their separate ways, at last...

"It's home for me. They won't catch
me a second time, I promise you

Sure, Peter's a bit hammy, but it's
great to see him taking a proper
dramatic role for a change...

...And he doesn't die!

Did you know?

Peter worked on quite a number
    of these early DOCTOR WHO
    adventures. We'll be identifying
    more for you, very soon!


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