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Card #2

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 Peter-Spotting card #2

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Walt Disney productions
directed by Norman Tokar
starring Jodie Foster, David Niven,
Helen Hayes and Leo McKern


Candleshoe is a stately home under
threat. But a feisty American visitor is
the catalyst for its survival, and soon a
race is on to unearth the hidden treasure 
within its grounds before a bumbling
crook can get his hands upon it....

Compton Wynyates in Warwickshire
stood in for the "Candleshoe" exteriors,
with additional studio filming at
Pinewood Studios.   

The film's stunt arranger was Bob Anderson
Peter came on board as a stunt performer
and double for Leo McKern...


Peter spotted!

Peter doubles for the bad guy,
BUNDAGE (Leo McKern), during his final duel
in Candleshoe manor. And that photo on the
card is our proof. Yes, that's Peter  with a
latex nose and false beard, made up like Leo.
It's tough to distinguish  between them, but
Peter's weil
ding the battleaxe and pike
throughout that fight with Priory, the
manservant (David Niven).

Look for him in the wide shots!


Did you know?

Peter worked on three Disney pictures
filmed in the UK in the 1970's...

• Candleshoe (1977)
• One Of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (1975)
• Diamonds On Wheels (1974)

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