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Canal + / Telemen Ltd / 50min episode
directed by James Hill
starring Patrick MacNee,
Diana Rigg,
Ron Moody, Zia Mohyeddin


In this sweet episode, Steed and Emma
Peel battle to thwart a plot to assassinate
a foreign prince. The ensuing shenanigans
wind up with Emma being "sold" into
a harem to rout the assassin...

The episode premiered on ITV
on 22nd March 1966.

Alas, Peter's appearance wasn't


Peter spotted!

"Well now, Gentlemen, what can
  I do for you?"

Look for Peter's first appearance 9.5mins
in to the episode, in B. Bumble's honey
shop. He plays Vincent's accomplice
called BERNIE. The duo confront
Mr Bumble before Vincent sends
his pal away on a mission...

"Follow the girl, Bernie, you know
  what to do!"

Peter thus reappears at 14.5mins,
climbing the stairs to Emma Peel's
apartment. He's hidden a gun beneath
his hat... She opens the door... and he
fires at her!

But Emma's quicker than him. She
dodges his shot, swivels and tips him
over her ballustrade. As Peter lands
his gun goes off again, beneath him.
He staggers to his feet... lurches
backwards... then collapses...


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