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ITC/Norman Rosemont Productions
directed by Glenn Jordan
starring Richard Jordon, Anthony Perkins,
Cyril Cusack, John Gielgud, Ian Holm


Glenn Jordan's TV movie was adapted
from Victor Hugo's classic novel.
It's a tale that's be filmed several times
over the years, and adapted into a hugely
popular stage musical.

Jean Valjean is a reformed petty criminal
who is pursued relentlessly by the cruel
inspector Javert...

This production filmed on locations in
France and England, and studio scenes
were shot at Shepperton Studios.

The stunt co-ordinator was Alf Joint
and Peter was hired as a stunt performer.

Peter spotted!

Peter appears around 27mins in to the film.
He plays the BUTCHER who attacks Valjean
(Richard Jordon).

We see Peter stalking Valjean at first.
He's lurking behind the racks of meat,
waiting for the right time to strike.

Now he leaps into frame, tackling our
distracted hero. Valjean fends him off,
and Peter throws a chair at him.

As they tussle again Peter starts swinging
a cleaver at him, but Valjean forces it from
his hand. He punches him out cold before
fleeing the scene!

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