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United Artists
directed by Guy Hamilton
starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas,
Laurence Olivier


The film was adapted from the play
by George Bernard Shaw.

Set during the Saratoga Campaign of 1777,
the story centres upon Richard "Dick"
Dudgeon (Kirk Douglas) a rebel and
outcast at odds with both the British
the local minister (Burt Lancaster)...

The production was based at Associated
British Elstree Studios, and Peter was
employed as a stunt performer.

Peter spotted!

Peter appears as a DRAGOON 68mins
into the film in a great fight scene with
Burt Lancaster, and a big oak table!

The minister Anthony Anderson (Lancaster)
has been feuding with a British Sergeant
(Allan Cuthbertson). He's now has a
flaming log in his hands.

"Get him!"

Two dragoons rush in, and Peter's the
one on the left of screen. They raise their
rifles and fire...

But the minister shoves the table at them,
sandwiching them against the wall!

The minister can now despatch his

But the dragoons aren't finished.
They shove the table back towards
the minister...

..Only to have him retaliate. This time,
he upends the item and flattens them

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