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    "I had the set covered
      with ice-cubes, setting
      off a vapour which
      gave the feeling of
      ground mist coming
      out of the graves.
      Stuntmen, made up
      as zombies, were lying
      under these mounds
      and gradually you
      could see the earth
      breaking as they

            - John Gilling discusses
               the celebrated graveyard
               scene with Gilbert
               Verschooten "Little
               Shoppe of Horrors" #23

     "I was going to have a
      full burn, and Keith
      Peacock.. was going to
      have his arm alight.
      We put the gel on, and
      this special effects guy
      lit Keith's arm, and was
      trying to strike a match
      to set me alight. In the
      meantime, Keith was
      saying 'Come on, get a
      move on!'. The match
      wouldn't light, and in the
      end I just threw myself
      on Keith, the gel went
      up and I ran into the

            - Peter speaking to Wayne
               Kinsey "The House That
               Hammer Built" issue #15



a Hammer film production
directed by John Gilling
starring Andre Morell, Diane Clare,
John Carson and Jaqueline Pearce


Dark deeds are afoot in a Cornish
village as Sir James Forbes and his
daughter investigate a host of
mysterious deaths. It turns out
the local Squire is transforming
the villagers into zombies and
enslaving them within his mine!

This celebrated Hammer film went
into production on 28 July 1965
at Bray Studios. The film was shot
back-to-back with "The Reptile",
which utilised the same backlot
sets and Peter was the stunt
arranger and a stunt double
on both productions...

Peter spotted!

Peter plays a ZOMBIE in the fab 
graveyard nightmare, 1hr into the
film. You can see him emerging
from one of the graves, lumbering
around a gravestone and closing
in on the local practitioner
(Brook Williams) - Yikes!

Peter Diamond aflamne in "Plague of the Zombies" (Hammer Film Prods)

He's also centrestage during the
film's climax, as the zombies catch
fire in the mine and stumble around,
wreathed in flame


Did you know?

All but one of the zombies were
   played by stuntmen. Peter was on
   screen with Del Watson, Keith
   Peacock, Reg Harding and actor
   Ben Aris...

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